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Business Profile:

A. Budgeting Section:

  1. Compilation of annual budget, estimate, and the balance of payments.
  2. Compilation of various statements, including the processing of capital account reserve and re-allocation application.
  3. Account control and auditing of financial budget and various agency receipts.
  4. Supervision and examination of construction/repair projects as well as financial and labor procurement.
  5. Compilation of related statistical reports.
  6. Management of the Accounting Office’s online purchase request system and the operation of departmental budget accounts application.
  7. Other provisional assigned items.

B. Accounting Section:

  1. Processing of annual accounts.
  2. Compilation of monthly accounting records and semi-annual fiscal reports.
  3. Compilation of revenue, expenditure, and fund transfer vouchers.
  4. Arrangement and binding of accounting vouchers.
  5. Management of account books.
  6. Compilation of related statistical reports.
  7. Processing of internal affairs, including general business, personnel operation, and cashier auditing.
  8. Management of the Accounting Office’s mainframe.
  9. Auditing of accounting vouchers and budget control on projects between Council of Agriculture and Cooperative Work Experience Education.
  10. Other provisional assigned items.