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I. Objective of the University Fund:

National Taiwan Ocean University had previously employed government budget system on both budgeting and financial operations, with financial revenue and expenditure related affairs subsumed under the unified National Treasury system. As the amendments of the University Law had been passed, our school implemented “the National University Academic Fund” in 1997. To this end, NTOU actively raised its partial financial resources, which not only helped to draw in public resources into educational investments, but also relieved the government of fiscal burden as well as improved the efficiency on resources utilization. Such efforts further led to higher administrative performances, better interactions with the society, and a steadier foundation for higher education in aspects of teaching, research, and service capabilities. These, in return, have helped us in fostering professionals with international competitive edge throughout the years.


II. Code of Practice and Vision:

Our philosophy and ethics of work is to abide by the laws and regulations, strive for professionalism, and aspire to outreaching services. We also respond to the implementation of university fund, coordinate with the school on future development, and assist in allocating and utilizing limited resources with greater efficiency.